Hospital Santa Marcelina

NECESSITY: Optimize the entire architecture of the document organization.


  • Release of important phisycal spaces for other purposes, such as better accommodation of employees, making it possible to maintain the social distancing so necessary at this time (pandemic Covid-19, 2020).
  • Direct and indirect savings, including, withpositive environmentalimpact, impacto ambiental positivosuch as reuse of pastes after cleaning, sale of papers torecycling companies, money invested more adequately in the Central Archives.

  • Scanned documents with online access.
  • Technological platform that served us fully by having certifications that guaranteed the legitimacy of documents and authentication,transforming them into legal documents.

Working with Intolabs brought us great growth, because from the beginning, when the schedules were presented, we knew that we were negotiating with a serious and committed company.

– Doraci Castro,
Management and Logistics of Archives.